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Power Issues Prematurely End Racing Card

Saturday night at Lebanon Valley Speedway was supposed to be Topless Night for the Big Block Modifieds, a quirky night in which the roofs were removed from the Modifieds to give fans a better idea of the work that the drivers do behind the wheel.

However, an issue with electricity at the track resulted in a partial outage during the Super Street Stock feature.  After the feature was complete, the rest of the night’s racing was cancelled.

Since all of the heat races for the Modified, 358 Modified, Sportsman and Pro Stock classes were completed prior to the issue, the features will have to be made up.  Given that five features will have to be made up, they will not all be made up next week.  Lebanon Valley Speedway will announce the plan to make up the features later this week.

The scariest moment of the night occurred during the second Pro Stock heat.  On the first lap, Tom Dean and Tom O’Connor had contact on the backstretch.  Dean spun and hit the outside, then was hit hard by Katrina Foster.

Dean was ok despite getting hit in the driver’s door.  However, Foster required medical attention afterwards.  The roof was cut off of her Chevrolet Camaro to get Foster out of the car and take her to the hospital.  We have no updates on her condition at the moment.

Three features did get in before the power issues.  In the Limited Sportsman feature, Harold Robitaille started on pole, but quickly lost the advantage in turn 2 to Braxton Martin.

The man on the move early on was Scott Zehnacker.  Starting ninth, Zehnacker was already up to third on the second lap of the race.

On lap 3, Jasen Brewer bounced off of Brian Walsh in turn 3 and spun out.  Dylan Holmes spun to avoid Brewer and hit the wall to bring out the race’s only yellow.

Zehnacker got Robitaille on the restart for second, then set out to get past Martin.  Two laps later, Zehnacher was able to take the lead in turn 4.

From there, Zehnacker pulled away to take his third win of the year.  His margin of victory was 5.011 seconds over Walsh, who won on May 25.  Martin was third, then Robitaille and John Santolin.

In the Super Street Stock feature, Franklin Smith started on pole in his No. 76, but was immediately usurped in turn 1 by Keri VanDenburg. Behind her, Ray Hall Sr. moved up to second, followed by the Streibels (Dave and Dave Jr.) and Jason Meltz, driving in place of his father, Jeff Meltz Sr.

Hall battled VanDenburg for a few laps until VanDenburg jumped the cushion in turn 2 on lap 6.  That allowed Hall to take the lead.

Hall led until Paul Vallee hit the wall on lap 11 to bring out the race’s only caution.  Vallee was ok and able to drive back to his pit, but he was done for the evening.

Right before the caution, Dave Streibel Jr. was able to take second from VanDenburg.  When the race restarted, he immediately put the pressure on Hall for the lead.

It didn’t take long for Streibel Jr. to take the lead, but it wasn’t all Streibel might that got him the lead.  Hall’s car had a mechanical issue that saw him slow down and eventually exit the race.

Once out front, Dave Streibel Jr. held on to take his second win of the year.  He was 1.169 seconds ahead of his father, Dave Streibel, at the finish.  VanDenburg was third, then Lou Gancarz and Doug Sterling.

Finally, the 4-Cylinder class was supposed to have double features Saturday night.  The program started off with their makeup race after rain invaded right at the start of the feature on May 25.

Anthony Tarantino started on pole in his Chevrolet Cavalier, but quickly lost the advantage to the Honda Civic of Jason Peck.  Jon Shepard quickly followed into second in his Honda Prelude.

What followed was a very competitive duel between the two drivers.  Shepard has been very fast for years, but Peck has caught up.  It took until lap 12 for Shepard to get to the back of Peck’s No. 0D.

The remaining three laps were a hard battle.  Shepard tried to get around Peck, but couldn’t do so.  On the final lap, Shepard got a run on Peck exiting turn 4 and tried to beat him to the line.  He ultimately came up short as Peck took the win.

Shepard was .140 seconds back in second, followed by Gary Malloy and Tarantino.  Stephen Burka was fifth.  Burka’s fifth-place finish was good enough to win the Single-Cam class.

Limited Sportsman Feature Results (15 laps): 1) Scott Zehnacker, 2) Brian Walsh, 3) Braxton Martin, 4) Harold Robitaille, 5) John Santolin, 6) Ray Royals, 7) Owen Lewis, 8) Jasen Brewer, 9) Dylan Holmes, 10) Colby Kokosa, 11) Kent Clark, 12) Mike Bosco, 13) Garrett Biagiarelli, 14) Bob Hollabeck

Super Street Stock Feature Results (20 laps): 1) Dave Streibel Jr., 2) Dave Streibel, 3) Keri VanDenburg, 4) Lou Gancarz, 5) Doug Sterling, 6) Franklin Smith, 7) Ray Hall Sr., 8) Jason Meltz*, 9) Paul Vallee, 10) Scott Morris (DNS)

4-Cylinder Makeup Feature from May 25 Results (15 laps): 1) Jason Peck, 2) Jon Shepard, 3) Gary Malloy, 4) Anthony Tarantino, 5) Stephen Burka, 6) Tim Meltz, 7) Chris Danylieko, 8) Brian Blanck, 9) Dylan MacLeod

4-Cylinder Makeup Feature from May 25 Dual-Cam Results (15 laps): 1) Jason Peck, 2) Jon Shepard, 3) Gary Malloy, 4) Anthony Tarantino, 5) Chris Danylieko, 6) Brian Blanck

4-Cylinder Makeup Feature from May 25 Single-Cam Results (15 laps): 1) Stephen Burka, 2) Tim Meltz, 3) Dylan MacLeod

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