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Andy Bachetti Scores a Two-Fer at Lebanon Valley

Saturday night may not have had fireworks at Lebanon Valley Speedway, but there was still plenty of good action to be had.  For Andy Bachetti, the night could not have gone any better.

Steve Hough started from the pole in his No. 34, but Kyle Armstrong was able to get past on the first lap to take the lead.  Shortly afterwards, Kolby Schroder clipped Brett Haas entering Turn 1 and spun, triggering a multi-car incident that wrapped up Kenny Tremont Jr.  Everyone was ok and continued after the incident.

Armstrong seemed to have a fast car, but ran into almost immediate bad luck.  On Lap 3, Armstrong’s right rear tire went down.  The tire issue brought out the caution and allowed Armstrong to pit for a replacement.

Armstrong’s tire issue put Olden Dwyer in the lead.  That was short-lived as Keith Flach was able to get past Dwyer in Turn 2 on the restart.  Once out front, Flach began to pull away from the field.

Meanwhile, by virtue of his victory on June 20th, Bachetti had to start 15th.  It’s no easy feat to charge through the field from there, but Bachetti was more than game.  He quickly made his way forwards, moving into the top five by Lap 10.

Flach pulled out a big lead on Ronnie Johnson in the middle third of the race, using lapped traffic to extend his advantage.  Bachetti was every bit as quick as Flach, but had the disadvantage of extra space.

Bachetti took second from Ronnie Johnson on Lap 19 and set off to run down Flach.  He was faster than Flach’s No. 43, but the distance was too great.  That is until Brett Haas had engine problems on Lap 26 to bring out a yellow while running sixth.

With the field bunched back up, Bachetti made an incredible start from the inside line and managed to sweep past Flach to take the lead.  From there, Bachetti pulled away to take his second win in a row.

“Got to give a big shout-out to this team,” Bachetti said after the race.  “It’s great to get on a good roll like this.  Gotta make everyone work for it.  We’ll see if we can go after a championship.”

Flach held on for second, while Ronnie Johnson was third.  Tremont recovered from his early spin to get to fourth, while Marc Johnson was fifth.

Saturday night was also the first Small Block Modified feature of the year.  By virtue of winning the first heat race of the night, Brett Haas scored the pole.  When the green flag came out, Haas pulled out to a substantial lead.  Unfortunately, the engine expired on Lap 4, ending Haas’ night.

Haas’ failure put Frank Harper in the lead with Olden Dwyer giving chase.  Andy Bachetti was just behind.  Over the next few laps, Bachetti pressured Dwyer until he was able to make the pass for second on Lap 9.

A crash for Guy Sheldon brought out the yellow on Lap 14 and bunched everyone back up.  Much like in the Modified feature, Bachetti was able to get an excellent restart and swooped past Harper to take the lead.

Once out front, Bachetti pulled away to take the Small Block Modified honors as well.  It is the seventh time that Bachetti has pulled off the Big Block and Small Block Modified honors in the same night.

Harper held on for second with Dwyer in third.  Timothy Davis was fourth and Jason Herrington fifth.

Pro Stock saw Ed Bishop up front for the start with Johnny Rivers alongside.  Unlike two weeks, this race was not as physical.  There were still incidents, though.

On the first lap, an incident involving Gary Silkey, Nick Hilt, Steven LaRochelle and Shawn Perez brought out the first yellow of the race.  There was plenty of damage to go around in this incident, but everyone continued.

Jason Meltz was able to get the lead from Bishop and controlled the race early on.  Meanwhile, Chad Jeseo, who won two weeks ago, had to charge up from 11th on the grid.  He did that very quickly, vanquishing his rivals within just a few laps.

By Lap 6, Jeseo had gotten past Rick Duzlak for second and immediately put the pressure on Meltz.  It was not long before Jeseo was out front.  Shortly afterwards, Meltz spun out to bring out a caution.  He would continue, but later dropped out due to mechanical woes.  Meltz would finish 13th.

Once back under green, Jeseo pulled away to take his second win in a row.  Scott Towslee finished second, while Nick Arnold was third in his season debut.  Duzlak was fourth while Tony Markou was fifth.

In Pure Stock, John Devine and Dom Denue each won features.  Brandon Ely won the 4-Cylinder feature overall and in the Dual-Cam class, while Gary Malloy won in Single-Cam.

Modified Feature Results (30 laps): 1) Andy Bachetti, 2) Keith Flach, 3) Ronnie Johnson, 4) Kenny Tremont Jr., 5) Marc Johnson, 6) J.R. Heffner, 7) Wayne Jelley, 8) Olden Dwyer, 9) Peter Britten, 10) Brian Berger, 11) Kyle Armstrong, 12) L.J. Lombardo, 13) Mike King, 14) Paul Gilardi, 15) Brett Haas, 16) Eddie Marshall, 17) Kolby Schroder, 18) Steve Hough, 19) Bobby Hackel, IV, 20) Karl Barnes, 21) Rob Pitcher, 22) Josh Marcus, 23) Kyle Sheldon. DNS: Ken McGuire

Small Block Modified Feature Results (24 laps): 1) Andy Bachetti, 2) Frank Harper, 3) Olden Dwyer, 4) Timothy Davis, 5) Jason Herrington, 6) Ray Hall Jr., 7) Dillon Steuer, 8) Ryan Charland, 9) Brian Sandstedt, 10) Brian Peterson, 11) Alan Houghtaling, 12) Kevin Petrucci, 13) Todd Morey, 14) Guy Sheldon, 15) Angelo DiCarlo, 16) Brett Haas, 17) Brandon Daley, 18) Kim LaVoy, 19) Steve Hough, 20) Brandon Lane, 21) Ryan Darcy

Pro Stock Feature Results (20 laps): 1) Chad Jeseo, 2) Scott Towslee, 3) Nick Arnold, 4) Rick Duzlak, 5) Tony Markou, 6) Ed Bishop, 7) Gary Silkey, 8) Steven LaRochelle, 9) Phil Arnold, 10) Zach Seyerlein, 11) Nick Hilt, 12) Johnny Rivers, 13) Jason Meltz, 14) Doug Olds, 15) Shawn Perez, 16) Dave Stickles, 17) Tom Dean

Pure Stock Feature No. 1 Results (10 laps): 1) John Devine, 2) Jim Dellea, 3) Scott Morris, 4) Craig Coons, 5) Mitch Bombard, 6) Colby Kokosa, 7) Ryan Brown, 8) Christopher Brown, 9) Ed Hatch, 10) Dave Fachini, 11) Janai St. Pierre, 12) Jethro Rossman

Pure Stock Feature No. 2 Results (10 laps): 1) Dom Denue, 2) Dave Striebel, 3) Rob Partridge, 4) Jeff Meltz Sr., 5) Clifford Booth, 6) Rocco Procopio, 7) Shawn Perez, 8) Chris Stalker, 9) Brian Walsh, 10) Franklin Smith, 11) Scott Kilmer, 12) George Miles, III, 13) Keri VanDenburg

4-Cylinder Single-Cam Feature Results (15 laps): 1) Gary Malloy Sr., 2) Victor Duncan Jr., 3) Alana Jordan, 4) Matt Narzynski, 5) Victor Duncan Sr., 6) Doug Howe, 7) Chris Bierce, 8) Joey Batho, 9) Jon Sheppard, 10) Bradley Batho, 11) Luke Williams, 12) Bob Ely

4-Cylinder Dual-Cam Feature Results (15 laps): 1) Brandon Ely, 2) Mike Duncan, 3) Jim Guertin, 4) Steve Burbank, 5) John Wright, 6) James Street, 7) Lucas Ballard, 8) Rob Miner

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