OPTION 1: Ported Steel Heads ( as per DIRTcar rules) 2600lbs

OPTION 2: Spec Heads, Open Intake, Open Exhaust (as per DIRTcar rules) 2450lbs

OPTION 3: Spec Heads, Spec Intake, Spec Exhaust (as per DIRTcar rules) 2350lbs



Ported Steel Heads 5:45

Spec Heads 5:55


Must Have an MSD Ignition or Magneto

Open Carburetor

No Spark Box


        There will be a Small Block committee made up of five (5) members.

        Lebanon Valley Auto Racing reserves the right to swap a Spec head or set of heads from a competitor with either a new cylinder head or a set of heads approved by Lebanon Valley Auto Racing.

        Any overly competitive car can have weight added to it at the discretion of the Small Block Modified committee.

        Ford and Chrysler engines may have weight added to them if it is deemed that they have an unfair advantage.

        Anyone caught cheating will lose parts that have been deemed illegal and will be penalized points at the discretion of the Committee.

        Gear and weight adjustments will be at the discretion of the Small Block Committee if found that something is not fair to all.

        Big Block Modified drivers will not be allowed to race for points in the Small Block Modified division.

        Big Block Modified drivers will not start better than 50% of the field plus one (1) at any time.