APRIL 11, 2013 - NEWSLETTER #5

It's opening week 2013 and it looks like our opening day will be a little chilly but the forecast for Saturday is dry. The ground pounding modifieds were on the track last Saturday and many of the cars were fast. Young Bobby Hackel crashed in turn one and everybody at the track feels bad that his beautiful new car got destroyed. Thanks to great supporter of auto racing young Hackel will be in one of Steve Hough's new modifieds. Many of the modifieds looked good and the fastest of the group was the 74 of JR. In the small block modified class there were two cars that looked great they were the two Chads the 83 and the new number 25. The two cars that around the track like they were on rails and showed me that the new small block modified class should work very well. The tech people motor Mike whistled the 83 car and it passed the test with flying colors. All in all there were about 10 small block modified its which looked good for warm-up day and some weeks before the class starts.

The pro-stocks hit the track about four times and the new weight rule looked like it is making the class very equal Jay and Rob looked very strong in the lower weight side of the class. There were two new pro-stockers from Meltz lumber the cars were absolutely beautiful and passed inspection very easily. The open motor side of the Pro-Stock division saw the Casey's, Rob Speed and Paul looking fast. The Pro-Stock division looks to be alive and well at Lebanon Valley Speedway.

The Purestocks were all getting around the track very fast in the high groove and all looked to be handling very well the High Point champ number 14 started out very slow but by the end of the day had his car handling like a champion. We had a good number of street stockers and it looks like this division will be ready for opening Saturday night this week.

The 4-cylinders were also on the track led by six brand-new cars all with new paint jobs. All the champions were present and enthusiastic about being present for this Saturday night's opener.

The warm-ups were very windy and cold and the track held up well for a brand-new never raced on Speedway. We are looking for a great field of cars for this week's opener all classes not racing will be allowed to warm-up in two warm-up sessions. See you all on Saturday night and the best of racing luck for each and every team 

Thank You,   Howard