January 8, 2013 Newsletter #3

The new small block modified class is coming along very well. For those of you running in the 2350 pound class and the 2450 pound class this is for you. We at the track and some engine builders have ordered a new tool called a Whistler. The Whistler checks the compression ratio of your engine. The new whistler will be ready to check your engines in the spring. The compression ratio allows the machine to keep everybody in check. On warm-up day motor Mike will be checking everybody's compression to see if it will whistle. Look at the rules and make sure that you are compression will pass the Whistler test. The test itself only takes a few minutes to Institute but like any new machine we have to make sure that everything is in order to check your compression. Mike is planning to whistle the top three cars each night along with checking the gear ratio and the runners on the heads. If you would like to contact Mike, please send an email to heather@lebanonvalley.com and it will be forwarded.

The new small block modified class will run weekly with the exception of a few events. We are trying to decide on whether or not to run the small block modified class on the world of outlaw event. If you get a chance give Lyle a call at 518-794-9606 and let him know your intentions for the up-and-coming 2013 racing season. But if I was to take a guess the new class could be running with the world of outlaws in July.

Our new class will feature seven lap heat races with 24 cars hopefully taking the first green flag in the main event. The small block modified main will go for 24 laps. We are looking for good racing in this new division and by good racing I mean hold your line the racecars of today are just too expensive to be unnecessarily bent by wing nuts.

Once spring breaks and we can get on to the track we want to give you as many chances as we can to warm-up your new racecars. We want to check and see if the gear rules we have set are correct for the new lower torque engines. Therefore we have to have a good number of warm-ups for the new small block modified class to make sure that everything is under control.

In closing we need all of you to make the new small block modified class work. We will stay on top of the rules and enforcement and keep the10.5:1 compression ratios in check. You can help by talking up the new class and it will take every one of us to keep it in check for years to come.

Yours in racing, Howard Commander