Hearn Unstoppable Taking 4th in a Row Haas Wins New Small Blocks, Corbin Goes Back To Back

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Saturday, May 4, 2013
By: Rodney Rescott

A full house was on hand for the debut of the new Small Block Modified class at the famed ½ mile dirt oval at Lebanon Valley Speedway.  With gorgeous weather on tap, it was time to get after some hot dirt racing action!

Boomer’s Performance sponsored the night, putting up an extra $100 to each Modified Heat winner + an Extra $500 to the Modified Winner in memory of the late ‘Ma’ Bedell.  The 24 car field came to the green with the Kingfish Mike King out front early.

King held a commanding lead on the field until the #34B of Andy Bachetti suffered a mechanical issue in the right rear.  That bunched the field and put the #20H of Brett Hearn right on King’s rear deck.  That was the opportunity that Hearn needed as he took over the top spot on lap 20, and left the field.

Nobody had a chance as Hearn earned his 4th victory of the year.  Kyle Sheldon powered his way up to finish a solid 2nd, followed by Kyle Hoffman, J.R. Heffner, and King to round out the top 5 finishers.

The new Small Block Modifieds took to the high banks for their inaugural feature event.  With 24 Laps on the 104.9 The Cat Lap Counter, the #55 of Brett Haas took control of the field and checked out.  Caution flew on lap 3 then again on lap 4, but that did not slow the #55 of Haas, as he pulled away for the 1st win in the SB Modifieds.

Matt Quinn came home 2nd followed by Jason Herrington, Chad Jeseo and Andy Bachetti.

In the Pro Stock, Jay Corbin wrapped up a victory in the closing laps to go back to back for his 2nd of the season.  Jay Casey, Robbie Speed, Victor Hopkins and Jason Casey completed the top 5 finishers.

In the special Robert Boomer Bedell Purestock Clash, an early battle between Al Relyea and James Hatch saw Relyea’s car get out of shape but continued, however, Hatch had plenty to cover the field as he went on to capture the win.

In the weekly Purestock races, Keri Vandenburg took home the win in PS#1, Hatch took the win in PS#2, and Phil Sherman scored the win in PS#3.  In the 4 Cylinders, Todd Goldstein and Brandon Ely took the wins.

Next Saturday Night it’s Madsen Overhead Doors and Bonded Concrete presenting Kids Night!  All weekly divisions plus Budget Sportsman will be on tap.  Then on Saturday May 18th, it’s Times Union and Wohrle’s Food presenting the $2,000.00 to Win 2nd Annual Andrew Sherman Budget Sportsman Cup and the Pro Stock Power Play Series!

More Races, More Fun……… More Lebanon Valley! 

Big Block Modified Feature (30 Laps):  1)Brett Hearn, 2)Kyle Sheldon, 3)Kyle Hoffman, 4)J.R. Heffner, 5)Mike King, 6)Keith Flach, 7)Brian Berger, 8)Steve Hough, 9)Mark Flach Jr, 10)Kolby Schroder, 11)Donnie Corellis, 12)Kyle Armstrong, 13)Wayne Jelley, 14)Bobby Hackel, 15)Paul Gilardi, 16)Denny Soltis, 17)Rob Pitcher, 18)Kenny Tremont Jr, 19)Jimmy Burns, 20)Jason Harrington (SB) 21)Kim LaVoy, 22)Matt Quinn (SB) 23)Andy Bachetti, 24)Nick Hotaling, DNS)Eddie Marshall, DNS)Dave McFeeters

Small Block Feature (24 Laps): 1)Brett Haas, 2)Matt Quinn, 3)Jason Herrington, 4)Chad Jeso,  5)Andy Bachetti, 6)Alan Houghtaling, 7)Wayne Jelley, 8)Ryan Darcy, 9)Steve Hough, 10)Steve Meilleur, 11)Chad Pierce, 12)Brian Sandstedt, 13)Jeff Kelley, 14)Marc Pullen, 15)Sean Mandell, 16)Jason Thompkins, 17)Yannick Ledoux, 18)Kim LaVoy, 19)Olden Dwyer

Pro Stock Feature (20 Laps): 1)Jay Corbin, 2)Jay Casey, 3)Robbie Speed, 4)Victor Hopkins, 5)Jason Casey, 6)Paul LaRochelle, 7)Frank Twing, 8)Milo Campbell, 9)Nick Hilt, 10)Jason Meltz, 11)John Santolin, 12)Chuck Towslee, 13)Rick Dempsey, 14)Brian Keough, 15)Mark Dupree, DNS)Tom Harkins

Purestock #1 (8 Laps): 1) Keri Vandenburg, 2)Tom Murphy, 3)Jeremy Closson, 4)Scott Morris, 5)Chris Streeter, 6)Gil Twing, 7)Matt Cross, 8)Gary O'Brien, 9)Wuggie Burdick, 10)Raymond Mandel, 11)Brian Walsh, 12)Shawn Lancey, 13)Bob Palmer, 14)Jeff Kreutzinger, 15)Shawn Perez, 16)Hunter Hunter

Purestock #2 (8 Laps): 1)James Hatch, 2)Doug Olds, 3)Al Relyea,  4)Ray Hall Sr., 5)Ed Hatch, 6)Pete Wiegand,  7)Daniel Sanchez, 8)Dan Cote,  9)Jim Groncki,  10)John Devine,  11)John Filarecki, 12)Lloyd Tomlin, 13)Tim Sayers, 14)Jeff Meltz, 15)Lou Ganczar

Purestock #3 (8 Laps): 1)Phil Sherman, 2)Larry Perez, 3)Bob Brown, 4)Steven LaRochelle, 5)Phil Wood, 6)Lou Ganczar, 7)Gary Vandenburgh, 8)Dan Olds, 9)Dave Stickles, 10)Jay Martin, 11)Jeff Meltz Sr., 12)Kurt Burhaupt, 13)Mick Sanchez, 14)Clifford Booth,  15)Mike Eichstedt, 16)John Acker, 17)Dennis O'Connor JR, 18)Rich Rogers, 19)Harold Robitaille

4 Cylinder Dual Cam (15 Laps): 1)Todd Goldstein, 2)Steven Loomis, 3)Brian Bishop, 4)James Karlquist, 5)Marty, Poole, 6)Mike Duncan, 7)Phil, Difiglio

4Cylinder Single Cam (15 Laps): 1)Brandon Ely, 2)Ian Relyea, 3)Jim Williams, 4)Gary Malloy, 5)Karen Verhagen, 6)Chris Bouck 7)Josh Dupree, 8)Brian Blanck, 9)Nick McClendon, 10)Steve Burbank, 11)Jethro Rossan,  12)Victor Duncan SR, 13)Stephen Cameron, 14)Mark Burke, 15)Nick Mokhiber, 16)Danny Webber, 17)Josh Bohlmann

Robert Boomer Bedell Purestock Clash (20 Laps): James Hatch


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